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M.R.Poultry Farm

The key to everything is patience you get the chicken by hatching the egg. Not by smashing it.
- Arnold H. Glasgow

Around the world poultry market, India stands on the sixth rank according to FAOSTAT ranking. Domestic poultry is one of the fastest growing industry. Here in Aurangabad M.R Poultry Pvt. Ltd. is a major name in the market of fresh food products. As it is well know that in order to get the best out of birds, we keep our poultry farmers up to date with the latest ideas, techniques and Knowledge on all aspects of feeding our birds in order to keep them healthy and in full vitality.

We have a range which includes chicken, eggs, pre-cut chicken and more. Our products are just perfect for a range of Indian cuisines considering they are healthy and ready to cook. They are great in terms of nutritional values and taste. Hygiene, freshness and quality are the key aspects of the M.R Poultry.